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Focus on the main functions. We will help you to start the project in no time.


Systems effectiveness analysis and development of new optimal algorithms.


Development of cross-platform and native mobile apps and games from scratch.


Development of API for interactions between web-systems.

High load

Development and maintenance of high-load systems and "big data" processing.

Support and Consulting

Take comfort in 6 months of included maintenance with a dedicated support team.


HVPtech is a team of experienced software developers.

We provide complexed, full-cycle software development, Web and Mobile development services for dynamic startups and well-established companies across various industries.


Video Ad Server

As video advertising became more widespread, the need emerged for an ad server that could handle and combine different ad formats, such as VAST, VPAID, and OpenRTB.

A video ad server is an advertising software hosted on a server to manage online ad campaigns and used by publishers, advertisers, ad agencies, and ad networks. Ad server software defines what video ad to display at what specific time frame and on what website or mobile app. In addition, it also collects data on ads performance for all parties to use, as well as defines targeting, performs ad budget control, and frequency capping.

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